This presentation gives an overview on what is the current state of play for Joomla, and also an insight into what is coming up in the future for Joomla. It also covers why Joomla is awesome, and why it is worth a look if you are considering building a website using a content management system. This presentation was prepared as part of a Battle of the CMSs, where we had an expert from the WordPress community (Wil Brown) and the Drupal commuinty (Ryan Cross) and Tim Plummer representing the Joomla community. We each spoke to the group of PHP users also explained the differences between our CMS of choice, and where each one excels. It was a great meeting with a lot of positive things to be said about all three CMSs. I'd like to give credit to Rod Martin for many of the slides in the presentation,which were borrowed (with his permission) from his State of the Joomla Union keynote at JoomlaDay Sydney.

State of play for Joomla - Nov 2014 from Tim Plummer

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