In Australia, Google is the King of search engines handling approximately 92.82% of Australian online searches. Back in 2004, SEO was simple, you just had to have lots of keywords on your site, and lots of sites linking to you. Since then, Google has made their search algorithms so much more sophisitcated, so in 2015 you have to consider many more factors to get your site to rank well.

Below is my presentation at the Sydney Joomla User Group which covers some recommendations on how you can optimise your site for Google and some of the factors they are now taking into consideration when ranking sites. It also gives a number of tips for Joomla users on how you can improve the SEO on your site, and some free tools to use to help with organic SEO.


Joomla SEO June 2015 - Sydney Joomla User Group from Tim Plummer

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