Happy Birthday Joomla! Hasn't 10 years gone fast. By the way, the picture of the cake is one I've just made for the Sydney Joomla User Group to mark this occassion, if you want to taste it, we will be eating it at the meeting on Tuesday 18th August 2015.

It all began on August 17th 2005, when the Core Development Team of Mambo responded to Miro's creation of the Mambo Foundation by wishing them well, but deciding to exercise the rights of the GNU GPL and continue to develop and improve the software in their own project. Of course they had to remove the Mambo logos and the Mambo name. At that point in time, the new project had no name, the Joomla name and first release was on September 15th 2005, which is the other date often celebrated for Joomla's birthday (and also my Nephew's birthday).


The first release of Joomla 1.0 was literally just a copy of Mambo, with the logos changed and some bugs fixed. It was fully compatible with Mambo extensions, so the software immediately had a third party developer base.

In January 2008, Joomla 1.5 was released, which was a rewrite of much of the codebase, but the developers included a legacy mode that allows most of the Joomla 1.0 extensions to still work on the new version. It was in 2008 that I first became interested in Joomla, starting with the task of building an Intranet site for my employer, where I stumbled across Mambo and subsequently Joomla.

Joomla 1.6 came along in January 2011, and this was a massive change in the codebase. Much of the core was completely rewritten, and there was no legacy mode to run extensions from previous versions. This was replaced with Joomla 1.7 in July 2011, and then Joomla 2.5 in January 2012.

Joomla 3 came along in September 2012, which is the current major version that is supported by the project, and is the version that everyone should be now using.

In 2009 I first became involed in the Joomla community, attending my first JUG meeting, and shortly after my first JoomlaDay event. Fast forward to 2015 and I've now run the Sydney Joomla User Group for over two years now, I've been the co-ordinator for the last two JoomlaDay conferences in Australia, and been part of the organising team for a couple more. I've written a book on Joomla extension development, attended a J and Beyond conference, and developed many extensions as well as founded my own Joomla extension development business. I've made so many friends in the Joomla community, and learnt so much. I now fully embrace open source, and understand that by sharing my knowledge with others I gain so much more in return. In short, Joomla has changed my life for the better, and I'm looking forward to the next 10 years.

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