Last month I wrote a blog about a simple plugin I created to turn the author link on a Joomla article into an author link to your Google+ profile, which will help with SEO. I got some great feedback suggesting that the author link should be tied in with the user profile, so each user can have their own individual author link. So now I have written a user profile plugin that adds an author field to the user's profile, and packaged it up to work with the original plugin.

Download the plugin at the end of this article, then install it on your Joomla 3 or Joomla 2.5 site.


Go into Extensions->Plug-in Manager, and enable the "Content - Author Link" and "User - Author Link" plugins.

In your menu items, make sure "Show Author" is set to "Show".


Now each user will be able to log into your site, and go into their profile to see the new author link field.

Click on the Edit Profile button

Now you can add in the link to your Google+ page.

And all the written by section of your articles will be turned into links to your Google+ profile, and it will automatically append the ?rel=author

Don’t forget to add your site to the Contributor to section on the about tab in your Google+ profile.

I hope you like this plugin and find it useful. Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. I've included links so you can download this plugin for free, or you can chuck me a few bucks to buy me a beer or a scotch.

Download the Plugin

Download Google+ Author Links Plugin Package

I want to download pkg_authorlink for free. I don't want to buy Tim a drink, he can just drink water out of the tap.

I would like to download pkg_authorlink and buy Tim a beer because I think he deserves one.

I want to download pkg_authorlink and buy Tim a scotch, because this extension will be really useful for me.

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