I was recently asked by a photographer friend how to insert a Flickr gallery into his Joomla website. Actually it's quite easy to do thanks to an extension called myFlickr.

Note that I've blurred out some of the identifying info in the screenshots.

After enabling the plugin, you need to set the default user id, which you get from http://idgettr.com/.

You also need to get your own API key, which you get by logging into your flickr account, then goto http://www.flickr.com/services/apps/create/

Request an API key

Since this is for a small business, select Non commercial key.

Give it a name, and a brief description, then click submit

You then get your own API key that you can put into the plugin.

You may also want to remove the powered by link

You can then insert a Flickr gallery into an article using something like: {myFlickr}feed=user{/myFlickr}

And if all goes well, you should now have a Flickr Gallery showing on your website.

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  • Flickr have recently changed their API so that it now serves up the content via SSL

    The fix is to upgrade to the latest version of the of the myFlickr plugin (1.08.3 or greater)